How to get more rest in 2018



If you’re a mom … you can just stop reading this now. Joking no this is for you. As moms we need more rest to do deal with everything we deal with on a day to day basis. I know for me the middle of the night wake up calls from my daughter who doesn’t sleep well due to Non 24, work, stress , kids etc I want to make sure I get my full 8 hours of sleep. Here are some tips on how you can do that.

1. Turn off electronics an hour before bed.

That goes for everyone in the house. No TV , No Cellphone, no computer. Take that quite time to wind down and maybe pick up a book. The short wavelength blue lights that our technology emits are not good for us when we are trying to go to bed.

2. Read a good book.

I love this idea, I’m spending time with the kids or even if I’m not reading with them I can pick up a good book and read a bit. Reading always relaxes me and sends me right off to sleep.

3. Have a bedtime routine.

Having a bedtime routine signals bedtime. Washing your face, brushing your teeth and putting on your pajamas these are all things you would do each night to prepare for bed. Each person’s night time routine may be different so create a list of what’s important to you and stick with it.

4. Turn on a Fan

Its 11 degrees outside but I still need my fan on in my room. It’s a way to circulate the air plus it makes noise.

5. Digest your food before bedtime

It takes 2-3 hours for a big meal to digest, don’t eat a huge dinner and then go straight to bed. Smaller low fat snacks are digested by the body in an hour.

6. Use separate blankets if you share a bed.

This one is amazing. I use to hate that my husband covered up like a burrito and I was left out in the cold, but I wanted to sleep under the same blanket as him. We started using separate blankets and all is well now. He is bundled up like a burrito and I am nice and warm in my own blanket.

7. Trade in your Mattress

The National Sleep Foundation recommends getting a new mattress every 7 to 10 years. You spend a lot of time in bed and you need the full support of a great quality bed. Nest Bedding is family owned, factory direct bedding company made in the USA. The Nest Bedding Alexander Hybrid Luxury Contour is one of my favorites.

8. Take a Warm bath before bed.

I love a bath anytime of day, but crawling into a clean bed right after a warm bath sends you right off to dream land.

9. Invest in a lavender mist.

Aromatherapy has so many benefits. Spritz some lavender mist onto your pillow before bedtime. The scent is scientifically proven to slow your heart rate and blood pressure, prepping you for a peaceful nights sleep.

10. Keep Your clock out view.

Turn your clock the other way, if your waking up and looking at it all night your not getting a peaceful nights rest. Set it and forget about it till its time to wake up.




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