Retinopathy of Prematurity is

Retinopathy of Prematurity is (ROP) is a disease of the eye affecting prematurely born babies generally having received intensive neonatal care, in which oxygen therapy is used on them due to the premature development of their lungs. ROP occurs when abnormal blood vessels grow and spread throughout the retina, the tissue that lines the back of the eye. These abnormal blood vessels are fragile and can leak, scarring the retina and pulling it out of position. This causes a retinal detachment and blindness.





My triplets were born micro preemies at only 23 weeks. My largest baby was 1 lb. 5 oz. and my smallest was 1 lb. The oxygen therapy that was used to keep them alive and help develop their lungs also took one of my girls sight. Her name is Noel and she is perfect in every way. She does not know any different so it’s not something she misses.





Noel has had many eye surgeries in hopes to save her sight but all have failed. We tried glasses when she was very young but it did not help her. Im pretty excited today because after another specialist appointment at Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Center her doctor said one of her eyes is still attached a small amount and we could experiment with glasses again now that she is older. This is amazing to me as a mom as my daughter has never seen me, her dad or her sisters. Yes, she sees us in a different way by our smell, our voice and touch but to actually be able to see us with her eyes would be AMAZING.





I’ve always known Noel could see something, just how much I’m not really sure. She can tell if a light is on or off and she watches the television up close and personal. We have learned to watch around her so that she too can enjoy a show as well. To think what else Noel could do with some sight makes me wonder what her future holds for her.





Blind or not she is perfect in every way, she loves the water loves to talk to people and give hugs. She goes to a special school about 2 hours from our home for kids that are blind/deaf and she thrives there.




Follow along on our journey as we get Noel glasses to see how she does. Will a new pair of glasses give Noel some vision?




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